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A 19th century red and white stained ivory chess set, on turned circular bases, king height 5'', some damaged pieces.

Estimate £300 - £500 Sold for £650


The red queen the crown is completely broken, the castelation on both castles are very rubbed as is the tops of all the knights and bishops and the other castle, base of one bishop split on the red set the red castle base also has a natural flaw, red pawns one has a chip in the foot and the bottom of the column. The white set one castle has a broken castelation, one knight has a chip on the edge of the base, the king has a broken crown pieces missing the queen has a damaged crown aslo, the other castle the bottom castelation is chipped and broken off and it has several cracks up through the body, one pawn has a chipped collar another has several small chips in the edge of the base and another has a chip and hairline crack in the base. All red pieces have signs of wear.