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A 19th century Chinese carved red and white stained ivory chess set, with puzzle ball bases, King height 13cm, together with a 19th century gilded and lacquered travelling games box, with inlaid mother-of-pearl squares, length 58cm

Estimate £200 - £300 Sold for £300


Pieces missing: 1 x White Knight; 2 x White Pawns; 1 x Red Pawn.


The flag from 1 x White Rook is missing. Most of the pawns are missing their swords and several pieces have been broken at the base and reglued but puzzle ball bases are generally in good condition and no obvious damage. The games box has 4 x Mother of Pearl panels which are detached but present. There are a few small flakes of laquer on the edges of the box and gilding is very lightly rubbed in places. Generall in quite good condition.