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Lot 285

Boxed Transformer toys, including Autobot Leader, Micromaster Battlestations etc

Estimate £50 - £100 Sold for £290


Boxed Dinobot (play-worn condition, missing armaments, box in used condition), Autobot Warrior Kup (good original condition with original packaging, no weapon, box good condition), Autobot Theoretician Skids (good original play-worn condition, original box, no weapon, box slightly scuffed), Autobot Architect Grapple (good play-worn condition, with weapon, no packaging, box is original with scuffed corners and slight tears), Decepticon Skyhopper (well play-worn condition, some pieces missing, box is quite poor condition), Original Optimus Prime (in original polystyrene packing, one weapon broken, 3 purple fists, 2 other guns, good but play-worn condition, box in fair condition with some creased corners and rubbed edges), 2 Micro Masters Airwave and Hothouse (both without original packaging but original boxes, in well play-worn condition including boxes).