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Royal Crown Derby ''Fifth Avenue'' dinner service.

Sold for £250


This lot comprises of 12 x 27cm dinner plates all have knife marks, 6 have a back stamp reading Derby china Royal Crown Derby English bone china 5th Avenue a.1126 the other 6 there back stamp is a more modern one the 5th Avenue is in italic underneath you have xxx1x, the set comprises of 2 differnet sets of back stamps, 12 x17.5cm side plates again 6 of each back stamp knife marks on each plate, the oval two handled tureen and lid the lid has the slightly earlier back stamp and the base has the newer back stamp, 12 x 16cm side plates again 6 of each back stamp, 2 oval tureens without lids both with the earlier back stamp no roman numerals on these two, sauceboat and saucer saucer has the back stamp with roman numerals the sauceboat doesn't 6 two handled soup bowls and matching saucers one of the saucers is cracked all with the red back stamp that has roman numerals, some of the gilding is a little bit rubbed knife marks to all plates overall good condition.