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Lot 18

A group of 5 19th century pottery puzzle jugs, including slip glaze and salt glaze, largest height 20cm (5)

Estimate £100 - £150 Sold for £60


The agate puzzle lug has a broken and reglued handle, there are numeous surface glazing chips mainly around the handle and top edge. There is surface wear and the jug is impressed 'Gentlemen Drink and Let Your Skill Be Tested'


A forfeight maid 'If Anything, Be Wasted', height - 21cm


The pink coloured puzzle jug has a few minor surface glazing chips and some crazing. Impressed 'From Rocks and Sands and Baron Lands, Good Fortune Set Me Free' and 'From Great Guns and Womans Tongues, Good Lord Deliver Me', Height - 19cm


Stoneware puzzle jug is unmarked and has quite a few deep chips around the top edge, one of the spouts is broken off and missing. It has a large chip from the foot. Impressed 'Mrs Butler Hucknell Torkard Oct 16 1838.' Height - 20cm


2 x green glazed puzzle jugs with impressed bases (probably Barnestable Pottery). The brighter green glazed jug has a few minor surface glazing chips written is 'Within This Jug There Is Good Liquor, Tis Fit For Papson or For Vicor, But How To Drink And Not To Spill Will Try The Utmost Of Your Skill'. Height - 10cm. The other jug 'This Jug Was Made To Try Your Skill, Drink If You Can, Do Not Spill', Height - 10cm with some crazing.