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Napoleon Bonaparte Autograph at Auction Image

Napoleon Bonaparte Autograph at Auction

This month's showroom tour includes a host of interesting lots, with Napoleon Bonaparte's autograph, various bachelor's pieces of furniture, a 6.75ct emerald ring and something that nobody should be without, a pinball machine!

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Stunning 3.75ct Marquise Diamond Ring Image

Stunning 3.75ct Marquise Diamond Ring

This month, the jewellery seems to host the largest and most impressive section in our Antique Sale, mostly due to the 3.75ct marquise diamond ring, which features as lot 561.

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Another Large Royal Collection Image

Another Large Royal Collection

The Antiques feature some historical lots, such as a large private collection of Royal photographs, documents and letters, to include signed photographs of the Queen, the Queen Mother and Prince Philip

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Secret Agent Tools Shop Image

Secret Agent Tools Shop

If your dream job is to be a secret agent then you'll definitely want to come along to this sale.

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Our Biggest Antique Sale! Image

Our Biggest Antique Sale!

Welcome back! This month hosts the biggest Antique sale we have ever had and it is full of very peculiar, interesting lots.

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