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Christmas Antique and Jewellery Sale Image

Christmas Antique and Jewellery Sale

With Christmas looming we endeavour to make sure you're prepared in time. Our November Antique Sale will be providing that comfort as it is sure to be a stand-out sale!

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Important Diamond Rings up for Sale at Auction Image

Important Diamond Rings up for Sale at Auction

Quality is key when assessing jewellery, which is a very important section in our monthly Antique Sale.

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Fantastic Christmas Present Ideas! Image

Fantastic Christmas Present Ideas!

We know it may be far too early to mention Christmas presents but we are only looking out for those who struggle to find ideas!

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February Antique Sale Image

February Antique Sale

This week we've got your new fancy cutlery for fish and chips and also the chalices to hold your favourite beverage!

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August Antique Sale Preview Image

August Antique Sale Preview

Lots of investment opportunities in this sale with a couple of solid silver tea sets and many other novelties. Also some extremely fragile, but quite sought after ceramics!

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