Meet The Team

Mark Ellin Image

Mark Ellin

Managing partner

Mark is the principal auctioneer, valuer and partner at Burstow and Hewett, and has worked in the family business since he was 16 years old, meaning he’s clocked up over 30 years!, overseeing the transition from the old-days of hand-written invoices and Gestetner-printed catalogues to the digital age of internet catalogues and live internet bidding, which has brought another challenge to the traditional profession of the auctioneer.

Mark has a wealth of experience and has dealt with an enormous variety of art, antiques and collectables, selling nearly 1 million lots in his time. His main field of specialism is in pictures, and the two Marks (Ellin and Sivyer) work closely together cataloguing the ever-popular monthly art sale, but he also values, catalogues and sells silver, jewellery and watches, visits customers at home to value and collect items for sale, and is in charge of the day to day running of the two salerooms. And yes, they are father and son, just don’t mention it to Mark, it’s a sore point!

Robert Ellin Image

Robert Ellin


Robert has been principal auctioneer and valuer at Burstow and Hewett for over 45 years, taking over from his father, Charles, in 1970. The auctioneering business has evolved hugely in that time and he has always been a fountain of knowledge (and youth!) to Mark and everyone he has worked with over the years. Most of his working week is now occupied visiting clients at home in his 1950s Riley, which is always a talking point in the auction room car-park.

Matt Ball Image

Matt Ball

Saleroom assistant

Matt is a recent addition to the team, bringing a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and organisational skills, having spent most of his working life in London. Constantly motivated and interested, and with great attention to detail, Matt has the challenging job of keeping the extremely busy salerooms in order and looking interesting (the salerooms that is, not Matt), and he occasionally goes out on the road with Geoff collecting items for sale.

He is often the first person you will see when you visit the salerooms, a friendly face to help explain the auction process and guide you through the whole process.

Matts main interest is in studio pottery but he is quickly finding an interest in virtually everything that comes in to sell!

Mark Sivyer Image

Mark Sivyer


Mark has been a valuer with us for longer than any of us can remember. Originally a full-time member of staff, he then left to pursue another career, but returned to help out as a part-timer.

Mark has a very broad field of knowledge, particularly enjoys investigating art, and is an extremely friendly face at the salerooms. He is at the Abbey auction rooms on Mondays and Fridays for valuation days, where he spends half his time telling people the good news about their valuables, the other half gently and good humouredly telling the other people their items aren’t worth anything!

Mark has yet to discover how a telephone works, and that you don’t need to shout to be heard on the other end.

Emma Glen Image

Emma Glen

Auction room assistant/photographer

Emma is another relatively recent team member. After completing a BA (Hons) degree in applied arts at Hertfordshire University, she was looking for something to nurture her creative style. Unfortunately she couldn’t find anything so came to work for us instead! (joke).

Emma is our saleroom photographer, constantly producing a huge amount of amazing images in a very short space of time. She particularly enjoys photographing the jewellery and watches, which you can tell from the high quality results, but works at great speed to ensure the catalogues for all our sales are uploaded on time and looking good (the catalogue that is). You’ll usually know where to find her by following the laughter.

Ken Norris Image

Ken Norris

Granary saleroom manager

Ken has been a loyal member of the Burstow and Hewett team for over 17 years, and greatly valued.

He is the manager of our Granary salerooms, somehow keeping order of the colossal amount of furniture which constantly flows through the front door. Having previously worked for a prominent local antiques dealer, Ken was ideally suited to the job, and has always enjoyed handling and accumulating his working knowledge of antique furniture (until the inevitable back surgery that blights so many people in this business!). Now back in the saddle and ignoring his doctor’s advice, Ken spends most of his time at the Granary and is a regular auctioneer. 

Geoff Purton Image

Geoff Purton

Saleroom assistant

Geoff is a greatly valued and hard-working member of staff, and has been with us for over 10 years.

He spends much of his time out on the van collecting goods for sale with Matt, and has accumulated a wide ranging knowledge, but a particular interest in coins and medals. When he’s not out on the van, Geoff is in the salerooms, either helping customers through the auction process, or helping set up the show-rooms, which is a mammoth task at the Granary salerooms. Always a friendly face, and always on-hand to help, he is a crucial part of our team.

Patience Edwards Image

Patience Edwards

Ceramics department

Patience has been part of the team for over 25 years, and has the enormous task of sorting and cataloguing the ceramics and collectables section in our granary sales, a department that’s about twice the size it was when she started working with us. 

During her years with us she has handled an enormous selection of items, giving her a wide field of knowledge. Patience is always a friendly face at the salerooms, and she is always happy to spend time advising customers on their items.

Amanda Loughton Image

Amanda Loughton

Office manager

Amanda has been front-of-house at the Abbey auction galleries for over 8 years, and is usually the first person you will see when you visit the salerooms or telephone, somehow keeping a cool composure whilst answering 6 incoming telephone lines simultaneously, answering emails and greeting customers. She also keeps the auction accounts and usually operates the online bidding on sale days, the perfect job for insomniacs, and runs the accounts office at our Granary sales. Amanda is always the first to arrive at work in the morning, usually the last to leave, and the other staff are convinced she lives here!

Will Ellin Cert GA Image

Will Ellin Cert GA

Saleroom Assistant

Will is the fourth generation to have joined the family business, having finished his International Baccalaureate at Tonbridge, he is now keen to learn the ropes, possibly mixing in some travelling in between sales.

Will is usually found at the Abbey auction rooms or out and about on the van, or occasionally in the Far East!

Kenroy Jones Image

Kenroy Jones

Packing manager

Kenroy has been at the helm of the local packing service for over 4 years now and still deals with the vast majority of our shipping orders. He is extremely self-driven, often working in the packing room into the early hours.

Kenroy hails from Jamaica, a family man, and regular church member.

Dot Hill Image

Dot Hill

Saleroom assistant

Dot has been part of the saleroom team for over 8 years, a very friendly face known to everyone who attends the sales at the Abbey and Granary salerooms. Dot’s interview with Mark was conducted on the front doorstep of the auction rooms one Saturday morning. “Hello, I’d really like to work here!” “OK, when can you start?”.

8 years later, still here, and a crucial part of the team. Dot works at both salerooms on view days, saledays, and the day after the sales, keeping her cool composure often under extreme pressure.

Tracey Ellin Image

Tracey Ellin


Tracey is partner at Burstow and Hewett, long-suffering wife of Mark, and mother to the latest addition to the staff (Will). She has worked at the salerooms for over 20 years, and now runs the accounts department, a massive task but one she really enjoys. Tracey spends most of her working day on the phone to buyers and sellers and is currently considering a course in Cantonese. Whether that’s the cooking or the language we don’t yet know.

Sharon Bourner Image

Sharon Bourner

Office staff

Sharon has been an integral part of the office team for over 8 years, mainly working behind the scenes typing the auction catalogues, a job which seems to grow every month, or occasionally helping out on view days and saledays.