Using our extensive experience and specialist knowledge we can provide valuations for any purpose required, ie probate, valuation for sale, tax etc.

Valuation for Sale

For items brought into our salerooms, verbal pre-sale estimates are provided free of charge. For less portable items, we can arrange for a valuer to call at your home, for which there is also no charge for this service and no obligation to sell.

Valuation for Probate

For many executors the responsibility of dealing with a deceased's estate is a once in a life time experience. You have to make an important number of decisions in a short space of time, often at a time when the loss is the most difficult to come to terms with. The professional advisor to the estate (usually a solicitor) will usually recommend obtaining a valuation for probate. This will be in the form of a written report of chattels over an agreed minimum value, together with a lump sum total for the remaining contents. In most cases the probate valuation will itemise anything above a value of £100, and a lump sum for the remainder, rather than a full inventory of the contents. These figures will be sufficient for completing probate forms for submission to HMRC.

Often with larger estates it is advisable to obtain a full inventory of contents, which can eliminate third party claims that items are missing. The executors should protect themselves from spurious claims by obtaining a proper inventory.

Probate valuations are charged at an hourly rate of £100+VAT with a minimum charge of £100. The majority of these valuations are completed in less than an hour.