Ming Dynasty Soapstone Figure To Go Under Hammer Image

Ming Dynasty Soapstone Figure To Go Under Hammer

Quality Chinese antiques are the focal point of this month's Antique sale and they are all from locally sourced private vendors.

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All Aboard The Ark! Image

All Aboard The Ark!

All aboard the Ark! Our next departure is on the 9th August.

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The Perfect Addition to Your Man Cave Image

The Perfect Addition to Your Man Cave

This month we have something that every man could wish for...

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July General Sale Image

July General Sale

The next sale is at the Granary salerooms in Station Road on Wednesday 12 July, and there will be viewing for that sale on Saturday 8 July from 9am to 1pm.

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Holiday closure Image

Holiday closure

Here are details of our annual summer break (01/7- 10/7)

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You'll Never See One of These Again Image

You'll Never See One of These Again

We have plenty more movie posters featuring in this week's Picture Sale!

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Electrotherapy for Everyone! Image

Electrotherapy for Everyone!

We'll need electrotherapy after dealing with all of these lots!

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Gold Pocket Watch with Breathtaking History! Image

Gold Pocket Watch with Breathtaking History!

An 18ct gold pocket watch with a breathtaking history takes its place..

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Our Biggest General Sale! Image

Our Biggest General Sale!

Although you may think we always say it, this is definitely the biggest General Sale we have ever hosted, 1500 lots!

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Secret Agent Tools Shop Image

Secret Agent Tools Shop

If your dream job is to be a secret agent then you'll definitely want to come along to this sale.

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Summer is nearly here! Image

Summer is nearly here!

The range of items we get in seems to be endless and it's no different this month.

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Our Biggest Antique Sale! Image

Our Biggest Antique Sale!

Welcome back! This month hosts the biggest Antique sale we have ever had and it is full of very peculiar, interesting lots.

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February Antique Sale Image

February Antique Sale

This week we've got your new fancy cutlery for fish and chips and also the chalices to hold your favourite beverage!

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February General Sale Preview Image

February General Sale Preview

With our record number of lots stuffed into the Granary we have another preview to bring you..

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Stunning Tiffany Gold and Aquamarine Cross! Image

Stunning Tiffany Gold and Aquamarine Cross!

Coming up in this month's antique sale is a very fine quality Tiffany & Co. gold aquamarine and diamond cross pendant/brooch, with an inscription to Reverend Harry Kroll Hemkey.

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Happy New Year! Image

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome back to Burstow & Hewett. Our Abbey and Granary salerooms are open again regular office hours.

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Christmas Closure Image

Christmas Closure

The Abbey Auction Gallery and Granary Salerooms will be closed for our annual Christmas break from 1pm Wednesday 21st December......

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December 2016 Antiques Sale Preview Image

December 2016 Antiques Sale Preview

With the Christmas sale finally on our doorstep we have a lovely selection of items for you to choose from!

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November General Sale Preview Image

November General Sale Preview

The final general sale of the year and probably our biggest ever!

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November Antique Sale Preview Image

November Antique Sale Preview

Good Neptune! It's another Antique sale preview!

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October General Sale Preview Image

October General Sale Preview

This is our first live general sale!

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October Antique Sale Preview Image

October Antique Sale Preview

We know it's early to start bringing up Christmas but we're only trying to prevent the last-minute rush to get a good quality to presents!

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September General Sale Preview Image

September General Sale Preview

This time round we've got a King George pedal train, a Superman clapper board and even a Second War cookery book with some very typical dishes!

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September Antique Sale Preview Image

September Antique Sale Preview

After a bit of a lighter summer we are straight back in to the swing of bigger sales with a fantastic lot of items for you.

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August Antique Sale Preview Image

August Antique Sale Preview

Lots of investment opportunities in this sale with a couple of solid silver tea sets and many other novelties. Also some extremely fragile, but quite sought after ceramics!

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July Antique Sale Preview Image

July Antique Sale Preview

We have some extraordinarily old antiques this month including an extremely heavy Viking bangle! A huge model of the HMS Beagle is also featuring here, so it should be a fantastic sale!

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June Antique Sale Preview Image

June Antique Sale Preview

Returning to the antiques, we have another fantastic collection of studio pottery and the lovely modern watches have re-emerged, all clear to be sold at auction!

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June General Sale Preview Image

June General Sale Preview

Yet again we've managed to cram two floor's worth of lots in to the Granary!

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May Antique Sale Preview Image

May Antique Sale Preview

Back in the safe hands of Mark this week as we guide you through a few of the oddities we have accumulated over the past month!

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April Antique Sale Preview Image

April Antique Sale Preview

There are so many interesting and rare items in this month's antique sale, including rugby ephemera and some fantastic silver pieces. Well worth a browse through the catalogue on

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April General Sale Preview Image

April General Sale Preview

Another crammed saleroom means it's time for our April General sale!

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March Antique Sale Preview Image

March Antique Sale Preview

We have a very wide range of furniture this month, along with a fine samurai dagger and lots of other items of interest. See if you recognise a mystery medal!

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February Picture Sale Image

February Picture Sale

Here is a video of our next monthly picture sale.

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Austin Cambridge for Sale Image

Austin Cambridge for Sale

Our February Antiques Sale Preview

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Packing department Image

Packing department

We are very happy to announce that our packing department is now fully operational!

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December Antiques Sale Preview Image

December Antiques Sale Preview

Here are a few items of particular interest in this month's antiques sale.

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November Antiques Sale Preview Image

November Antiques Sale Preview

Here are a few items of particular interest in this month's antiques sale.

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October Antiques Sale Preview Image

October Antiques Sale Preview

Here is a short preview of some upcoming lots in the Wednesday 14th sale.

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Enamel Signs for Sale Image

Enamel Signs for Sale

We have a huge collection of vintage enamel signs for sale next week

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Wine sale Image

Wine sale

This months antique sale includes a great selection of wines and cigars.

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House contents sale Image

House contents sale

We are very excited to be selling the contents of this 18th century farmhouse at our antique sale next week, but the contents are not what you would expect!

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Russian Imperial Icon for sale Image

Russian Imperial Icon for sale

This fascinating Russian bronze and enamel icon, originally owned by the royal family of Tsar Nicholas II, is to be sold at our June antique sale.

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Military portrait and medals for sale Image

Military portrait and medals for sale

Our December antique sale will include this amazing military collection relating to Brigadier-General Cecil Aspinall-Oglander of the Royal Munster Fusiliers.

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Harry John Pearson collection Image

Harry John Pearson collection

Our next picture sale on 27 August will include a large collection of oils, pastels and drawings by Harry Pearson.

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Abbey Road sign for sale Image

Abbey Road sign for sale

This original enamel sign from Abbey Road is to be sold at our 21 May antique sale.

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Guy Gibson gold wings brooch Image

Guy Gibson gold wings brooch

A gold RAF wings brooch, given by one of the most iconic British pilots, Guy Gibson, to his secretary, is to be sold at auction this month by Burstow and Hewett of Battle.

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